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pheasant broods

  • fishingstar
    central mn / starlake
    Posts: 232

    I have only seen one brood this year. I was thinking it might be a good year but not much for young birds. normally I would see 2or3 every time I’m out at my land. I do how ever see adults.

    Plymouth, MN
    Posts: 7857

    They’re probably doing the annual roadside counts right now. Obviously winter was very mild and we’ve been in a major drought this year. The first half of June was very hot and very dry. I think numbers will be down some because of that. The Dakotas are worse off than we are in terms of drought too.

    Posts: 511

    Not in a position to see broods regularly, but I see no reason they shouldn’t have had a strong summer. Enough water in West Central MN where there was plenty of bugs for forage, and no flooding during nesting. Of course lots of other factors including predation. I remain optimistic for the season.

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 846

    I remain optimistic for the season.

    Same here. 2 years ago, it was rare to hear a cackle from our house. Not a ton of solid habitat nearby. Lately, there have been 3-4 roosters talking back and forth within earshot on a daily basis. Spring 2020 was very good in our area for nesting and it shows. This spring had great conditions as well. Time will tell, but I don’t think the hot and dry weather is as hard on them as some think. Some of the best years of South Dakota pheasant numbers were during prolonged dry periods.

    Nick Altavilla
    Posts: 28

    I think this season will be better than expected, we have had a great grasshopper hatch in the grasses. I’m on the border of Maple Grove and Corcoran and have seen birds and me and the dog kicked up a brood of about 8 pheasant chicks in a ditch a few weeks back. One thing this drought will help with is the walking around sloughs!

    Posts: 1385

    Seen my first flock of little ones last friday. We have a ton of good cover and used to winter over 150+ by the feeders til 8-10 years ago when it would rain so much during nesting season numbers plummeted. Seen a fair amount of adults this spring so hopefully a rebound is coming. Lots of coons and opposums sure that dont help the eggs.

    Posts: 101

    Being retired and taking my dog out for walks early every morning I have seen a good number of pheasant broods in the Worthington area in the past few weeks. What is impressive is the size of the broods I have been seeing. 8+ is very common. I have seen some very large broods of huns also. Nice to see them making a bit of a comeback also. It has been a perfect spring for nesting and Nick is right about there being a lot of grasshoppers as they are everywhere. I will be surprised if the counts aren’t as good or better as last year for us in the southwest corner.

    Nick Altavilla
    Posts: 28

    There is hope with that report Steelslinger! Love to hear there are some Huns in the area. I had a new pup out in ND last year and we saw a covey land in a field, but we never found them. I have a vendetta to get on some Huns with her this year!

    Posts: 111

    Buddy of mine lives in far SW Minnesota claims he’s seen more broods spread out this year then in the last 40 years, says you don’t have to drive too far to see a bunch..

    Posts: 9755

    Buddy of mine lives in far SW Minnesota claims he’s seen more broods spread out this year then in the last 40 years, says you don’t have to drive too far to see a bunch..

    That would be amazing if its true!

    Woodbury, Mn
    Posts: 16544

    Hopefully the same in Iowa where more accessible to hunters.

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