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  • Ross Gunderson
    Posts: 96

    Taking the wife out on a trip to leech tomorrow, first time in 5 years being we have 3 little ones now. Anyone of how to approach perch this time of year? Should I try the narrows? Just really trying to provide her a quality outing seeing she never gets out anymore. Anyway any guidance would be appreciated.

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 6822

    Fish leech for perch every Fall but have never targeted them in the spring or early summer. So I’m of no help there. You may be better off chasing sunfish or crappie right now. I’d start you trip with a stop at Shriver’s bait shop in Walker. Jack is a great guy and should be able to help you out. There are some real nice crappies in leech if you can locate them. I would think they would be in the reeds spawning about now. Steamboat bay may be a good area to check. Good luck and hope you find some fish.

    SW Metro
    Posts: 6966

    Hey Ross, we fished Leech on opener and got shutout. Launched at Stony Point and fished Pelican, Sugar and Goose with primarily a jig and a minnow and a little lindy rigging with leeches. It was 80 degrees and calm, so I’m sure you will do much better!

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