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Pool 10 Feb 8th & 9th

  • birdman
    Lancaster, WI
    Posts: 483

    What a difference a week makes! Last weekend was one of the best bites I’ve expeirienced in a long time, this weekend was pretty tough. Fished Saturday afternoon in the Bagley area and only managed to land 3 keeper fish. There were some little ones caught but even they were not that cooperative. On Sunday afternoon we ventured into the Praire du Chien area and managed to bring back around 25 keepers between 2 of us. Most fish were caught on a black rocker with spikes as bait although fish were caught on other jigs too. The fish seemed to want very little movement of the jig while lowering it below the hole. It seemed if you jigged to much you would not get a bite. Crappies ran from 12 inches on down, the biggest gill was 8 1/2 inches.

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw two trucks had driven up to the backwaters across the Ambro. They crossed the creek just above the Ambro Landing that was open water last weekend!

    NE IA
    Posts: 804

    I got out near prarie this weekend to. Fished mcgregor lake south of the bridge. Caught some nice fish, but like you said, not very quick activity. Still nice to be out, and see something through the hole. Might try ambro area tomorow, never fished there, figure its worth a shot.

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