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2/2/2003 – Mississippi River Pool 10 by Dave Koonce

  • Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6944

    Steve Moon,

    If your ever thinking of coming over to the river and need a report or fishin partner you can e-mail me any time. I sure wish I would have gotten a pic of the nice crappie you had. Did you get a pic of it ? Send it to me or post it if you did !!

    Good meeting ya…

    Lancaster, WI
    Posts: 483

    Thanks Dave for not crowing on how many more fish you caught than me! I wonder what some of the other fisherman were thinking watching us releasing every fish we caught. It’s not often 81/2 inch bluegills get released!

    I was amazed at how sustained the bite was and the quality of the bluegills caught. I’m going to have to start hanging out in the PDC area more. Live bait was definitely the ticket as artificials without bait produced at a much slower rate. Dropping a jig with bait slowly seemed to be the presentation of the day.

    Posts: 1

    I am very familiar with Sny McGill, Norwegian, Sand Bar and Methodist, but I don’t know how to get to the Ambrose Slough Landing. I would love to take my kids out this weekend. How do you get to the Landing. I know where Ambrose Slough starts at the S curves and also where Greymore is located (Greymore is the Dead Sea.) Any help would be very much appreciated. Your reports are great and I look forward to reading them in the future.

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6944

    If you are coming in to Prairie from the north, take a right on Co.Rd. K . Follow this to a Y in the road and stay to the right. From here follow the road to the next Y in the road….stay to the right and your at the north landing(mill coulee creek to negotiate )….stay to the left and youll end up at the south landing…..Look for the people !!

    I’ll share another quality gill

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