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2/2/2003 – Mississippi River Pool 4 by Dylan Fluekiger

  • leinieman
    Chippewa Valley (Dunnville Bottoms)
    Posts: 1370

    Hey Dylan, nice report. I’ll bring a Jiffy 9 inch power auger and the Otter if you show me where to drill some holes. LOL

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6944

    Hey Dylan, nice report !! It was gettin lonely here in the panfish forum…I may come up that way and have you take me out to fish that deep water…

    keep the reports coming !!

    The Sand Prairie
    Posts: 1798

    I didn’t know cribs were legal on the river. Any way to find out crib locations? Were they placed by the DNR?

    6ft under
    Posts: 3242

    I’m from Ia. and I too always thought it was illegal to place fish cover in the river until I read an article in the Lansing paper last fall about several conservation groups getting together and placing cover in the Harpers area. I’m sure that if it can be done, permits would have to obtained first. DNR and Corps.

    Nelson Wi
    Posts: 300

    these cribs have been there for a while and i have never heard that cribs were illegal because i think they were placed by the dnr don’t quote me on them, but the locals know that they are there so we are the ones that fish them i found out from other people so i guess i can’t tell ya how they found out.

    Alma WI
    Posts: 875

    If I remember right these cribs that they were fishing were placed in inland waters just off the main channel. The Rod and Gun Club placed these in there about 12 years ago. I looked at them the other week and all the wood looks good yet. It even looked better with all the fish around them.

    Posts: 272

    The biggest crappie out of that mess ended up going 13.75 inches. He felt like everyone of those inches as i just about lost my minnow rod on him while i was pulling another one up while i was jigging.

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