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2nd Annual FTL Get-Together Dates Announced!!

  • In-Depth Webstaff
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    We’re thrilled to announce an open invite to anyone and everyone to the 2nd Annual FTL Get-Together / Otter Sled Round-Up…. to be held on South Center Lake on January 25th. EFN Pro-Staffer Mike Finke guides regularly on this body of water throughout the winter and helped us choose this particular lake for its consistent ice action and awesome sized panfish.

    Here’s a few thoughts on South Center from Mike Finke…

    “Since I’m giving up my best metro area panfish lake I hope lots of you will be there!! South Center is located right on Hwy 8 next to the towns of Lindstrom and Center City. It is a 830 acre lake full of crappies, bluegills and pike. It also holds a good # of walleyes due to stockings every other year. The lake has 2 deep basins with one going down to 109′.”

    And from Jon Jordan, EFN Media Staffer and regular ice angler on South Center…

    “Great Pick Guys! It’s about as “Guaranteed” as you can get. It’s a lake that just keeps pumping out the fish, year in and year out. I can honestly say I have never been skunked ice fishing this lake. It’s a very consistent panfish lake in the winter. Mix in a few pike, a possible walleye and a probable bass and it will keep ya interested.”

    For more info on attending this event, follow the link below.
    2nd Annual FTL Get-Together / Otter Sled Round-Up

    Again, this event is open to EVERYONE. It’s FREE! Come for the fishing and to meet some of the contributors to the EFN websites. EFN Pro-Staffers will be on hand to supply tips and helpful hints to get everyone on some fish. Should be a great time. Be there!!

    Marion, Ia
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    where exactly is it located? how far would it be from cedar rapids, iowa. how much ice is there right now.

    St. Paul, Mn
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    It’s about 30-35 minutes north of downtown St Paul. Take hwy 35-E north to hwy 8. (Hwy 8 is just north of the Forrest Lake exit) Follow hwy 8 through Chisago City to South Center lake. There are several access to the lake and there will be more details about where we will be located.

    Plenty of Ice on the lake around here now. Some 4 wheeler and snowmobile traffic. Have not seen anyone driving cars or trucks yet. By January 25th, there will be plowed roads to the fishing areas and it should be safe to drive on by then.

    Frankies bait is right on hwy 8 in Chisago. Good place to get current ice and fishing info.


    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
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    I’ve followed Mike’s fishing reports on ice up there for a couple winters now and it seems like he does real well on larger pike and bass on the tip ups. Sounds like a nice tip up brigade might yield quite a few flags and some competition amongst those in attendance to get to the holes if we worked together and spread out a bunch in a community effort. Somewhere spread out around a grill and the cooler! I missed last year’s event. I’ll be there this year. Awesome.

    PS – Somebody remind Nate to bring boots!

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
    Posts: 18920

    The fish are still biting on South Center, here’s the latest report on the bite from Steve Dezurik – and the weather is looking to be low 20’s on Saturday. If you can make it, get yourself on over to South Center and get in on the FTL Get-Together/Otter Round-up!

    Rochester, Mn
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    I just knew it someone would bring up the boots thing this year again. but trying to be sneaky and do it on the Panfish forum is pretty clever you never thought I would see it did ya James. well your busted I guess I need to start making a closer watch on ya LOL but unfortunatly I will not be able to make it. I have to work with this cold weather everything has been behind and now I have to make up for it. ( I love my job, I love my job) ok just had to tell myself that. Everyone have fun and be SAFE I am sure you will have a blast I know we did last year I am looking forward to hearing what went on and seeing lots of pictures.
    P.S Try to keep Tim and Bob out of the pics they always try to sneak in on everything

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