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  • smallie2
    winona minnesota
    Posts: 6

    We were fishing pool 6. We did try some shallow wood,but not a bite. Crappies were on the bottom in the deeper submerged wood.

    West Salem, Wi.
    Posts: 112

    Fished the backwaters in the La Crosse area today, Saturday 6:30 am until 10:30 am. Marked incredible numbers of fish on the graph. Two people fishing, caught 10 good sized crappies. Bluegills were everywhere. These fish were 5-7 inches long, from a previous post, bluegill fishing in the future will be very good. Fished in depths from 6 to 13 foot. Used, minnows, wax worms, red worms, ice jigs, slip bobbers.

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