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  • o.m.f.t.
    Rochester Minn
    Posts: 339

    Is it legal in Minn. to use 2 flys on the same pole/no live bait. And still fish with 2 poles? Would you use a polamer knot with a long tail and just tie on another fly, or is their a better way to tie it? Thanks guy’s Jim

    Lifes to short to fish with dead minnows!

    Roberts, WI
    Posts: 4388

    I’m taking a stab without looking so I MAY be mistaken but this is how I understand the regulations.

    Hook and line by definition is one line, one hook. The only exception being a lure with multiple hooks constructed to the lure itself………and I think that might even be limited to 3. If you tie on another “hook” anywhere on your line, I believe you’re in violation to the rules. Without the spin blade, I believe a crawler harness would be illegal. Another fly, by my perception, is another hook and could possibly get you into a rather uncomfortable situation.

    Just 2 cents………….at half price.

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