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A Great start to a New fisherman

  • haywood04
    Winona, Minnesota
    Posts: 1073

    The best formula for getting my fishing partner hooked on fishing was to take her pan fishing. The action is so fast that I spent all my time schooling up my patner on the best way to reel them in. I never did get my line in the water but the trade-off is perfect. at 3 years old she loves to fish and I have a fishing partner for life or at least till dad is no longer cool to hang with, which is about age 12. Hopfully it will last a life time.

    Get out there and get them hooked on fishing today!

    Given the oppertunity I will take QUANITY time over quality time

    Rochester, Minnesota
    Posts: 12607

    I got my son Nate hooked on fishing by trolling 1/16 jigs way behind the boat on Lake Zumbro when he was 2 years old. We were catching strippers/white bass and he’d holler help me help me when he had one on as a 12” stripper really fights hard for a 2 year old. I’d make him bring it in himself as he caught it and it did the trick- hes been hooked on fishing ever since. Got my oldest grandaughter hooked on fishing catching bluegils on slip bobbers. She would catch one after another as the action can get so hot with gils. Start em young and they will want to fish the rest of their life. Can’t think of a better way to gain a fishing partner. Bill

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