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Its here!!

  • In-Depth Webstaff
    Posts: 2756

    Welcome to the Panfish Forum! Some of you asked and we delivered. This forum should bring in some excellent discussion on panfish locations and tips on how to catch them. We anticipate this forum to be hopping year round because of all the opportunities to catch panfish through the ice as well as open water! Enjoy!

    EFN Webstaff

    Winona, Minnesota
    Posts: 1073

    As always it looks GREAT!
    You guys are always keeping up the good work!

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6944

    Nice addition!!

    I don’t do much gill’n in the soft water season but when I start crallin on top of the hard water I will be posting my strategies and techniques


    thanks to all involved

    Brian Lyons
    Posts: 894

    Hey EC, If you start posting your winter bluegill tactics the pool 10 population will drop for sure!!!!!!!!!! Use caution …..b

    Steve Hix
    Dysart, Iowa
    Posts: 1097

    Hey Ec. Sounds like another fishing trip to me.

    Rochester, Minnesota
    Posts: 12607

    ALRIGHT!!! A panfish forum. Great going guys. Nate will think I’m nuts as its walleyes or nothing [sometimes cats] with him but the old man loves to catch panfish with my grandkids. Its a great way to turn kids onto fishing and this forum should help me learn more about panfish locations on the river as I’m guilty like Nate for just mostly chasing eyes on the Mississippi. Ok guys, I’m all ears. Time to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks! lol. Teach me. Bill

    The biggest nightcrawler bed in all of Minneapolis
    Posts: 189

    Thanks, guys. I didn’t think it would actually happen, but it did! It only makes sense, though.

    Jack Naylor
    Apple Valley, MN
    Posts: 5666

    YOU guys are awesome ! I’ve been gone lately mostly doing inland lake fishing, stopped back in and here is the Panfish Forum. IT is a great idea. thanks. Jack.

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