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  • minkman
    Posts: 19

    Anybody have any experiences (good or bad) with one of these units ?

    Jake D
    Watertown, SD
    Posts: 281

    Play the wind and watch the thermals. The amount of money people spend on gadgets is ridiculous. Listen to Andrae D’Acquisto or Don Higgins

    St. Paul, MN
    Posts: 9529

    The problem with these gadgets is that the only way we can know if they work or not is to ask the deer. I’ve tried and they remain very tight-lipped on the subject.

    There’s a lot of questions that I have that I’d just like a straight answer to from the deer. Camo, does pattern matter? Can you guys really not see color? Scent. The rut. Favorite foods. You name it.

    Posts: 4629

    It’s just an Ozone Generator, nothing special about any particular unit. However if you plan on using something let it be known Ozone is suspected to damage lungs and be a cause of cancer. It attacks the tissues of the lungs by chemically reacting with it.

    Posts: 2877

    Use to work on them and with them for commercial hvac use. They will take your breath away that’s for sure. Some guys use them in car detailing also for cleaning out vehicles with bad cigarette smoke smell

    Don Meier
    Butternut Wisconsin
    Posts: 825

    A buddy has one . He said he is not convinced . Still got winded . After reading up on them , using in a vehicle for 1/2 hour with no one in it , works to remove odors.

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