our dog needs surgery

  • Marceline Gray
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    it breaks our hearts when we hear a news from our vets that our dogs need to undergo a leg surgery after our hunting last week. we are thinking of getting a second opinion in tplo and hoping that we can do the medication instead of a surgery (

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    There is no pill to heal a torn ligament. If you don’t do the surgery soon, the bones rub when your dog walks and will get a quite painful arthritic knee or stifle joint. They are susceptible to tearing the other side if they tore one. It’s a long recovery after surgery. My springer had it done in May at age 6 and hunted the next fall. It’s not cheap either, I’d guess $3000 or more when all is said and done. Pretty much any vet can diagnose a torn ACL. Don’t waste your money on a second opinion. Our neighbors put down a young dog with both Torn ACLs.

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    Close to 80% of dogs who injure their acl need surgery. If rest and nails not working having tplo procedure is likely indicated.

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