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Otter Rod Box $400+ Reward

  • bsully23
    Pittsville, WI
    Posts: 68

    I lost my Otter Rod Case last year on Lake Petenwell, while ice fishing off of Longview Point (across from Barnum Bay/ The Lure Bar on Z) on Christmas Eve; it fell out of the sled when coming off the ice. The Box had 6 rods, 7 reels, a bait box, & a few other small things inside. I am willing to pay $400 or possibly more if the box & rods/reels are returned to me, keep the bait box as a gratitude for returning it. I cherished those rods/reels as some are now obsolete & the reels were limited edition (special color 1st year production) & St. Croix only makes the rods in a silver addition now. The box consisted of: 4 of the old St. Croix Legend Gold rods with synthetic handles, cork trim, & 24k eyes & springs; the other two rods were 13 fishing wicked. The reels were Black Betty 6061, Teardrop, Ice Tech Razor Pro, & Wicked.

    Please Message me if you have or know of my stuff, I’d just like it back I won’t be mad about you picking it up.


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