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osakis reports

  • has
    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 397

    Any reports from osakis? Heading up Saturday for the week. Crappies and sunnies still on the beds? Are the walleyes on the mid lake humps now?
    Never fished the lake so any suggestions would be great.

    Calvin Svihel
    Northwest Metro, MN
    Posts: 3862

    The Osakis Lions club has their annual walleye fishing tournament this weekend. Saturday and Sunday. On average about 60 boats should be fishing the lake. I would imagine that depending on the weather, fishermen will be fishing mid-lake humps as well as shallow. If you attend the weigh in on sunday I would imagine some of the tournament anglers will say how they caught them. The weigh-in is held at the access in town.

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