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Idlewilde Resort

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    Hudson, WI
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    Has anyone ever stayed here? We have never been to lake osakis. Looking for a family resort with a pool. Looking to book in early June to ensure good all around fishing.

    Butler county Iowa
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    We stayed there about 5 years ago or so and had a great time. One problem is there is now beach so if you are one to play in the sand you will have to go to the public beach just down the shore line a bit. All boats have to be on a lift and the dock boys are there to assist you getting your boat of and on the lift. Nice fish cleaning house. My mother left the eggs boiling on the stove and left to go fishing ,but remembered half way across the lake and so she called the owners. she when and shut off the stove but not before the eggs blew up all over. The owner had it all cleaned up by the time we got back So they will take care of you… OH and yes the fishing is good

    Rochester, MN
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    I stayed there in June and September last year. The cabins are the nicest I have stayed in at a fishing resort. My wife was very happy with the accommodations. No TV in the cabin, but there is a large common room with Wifi and a TV. They have a nice protected dock area now so there were no lifts to deal with. You get your bait right there, and there is a decent bar/restaurant on the property next door. I’d definitely stay there if fishing Kab again.

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    Looks like you may be talking about the wrong one Jimmy. The one on Kab doesn’t have an E on the end. This is in the Lake Osakis forum.

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