Onto New Beginnings after 16 years.

  • gunsmith89
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    16 years ago I shook hands with a great man and have grown with his business from that day forward. Recently I was given a unique opportunity to now grow with my families business. I will be pleased to bring my children up in this environment with their dad, uncle, grandfather and grandmother. I originally went to gunsmithing and machining so I will be using my degree as well.

    We are Original Mechanics out of Rohester, MN. We sell Yanmar, Wacker Neuson and will be bringing in a line of commercial zero turns. https://www.originalmechanics.com/

    We are connected in building with Kullot Trailer who does excellent and efficient trailer work as well.

    We service and repair almost all types or construction equipment, do metal/fab and also have a Bobcat axel repair kit. Please feel free to reach out we would love to work with you!

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    John Rasmussen
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    Good luck with the new adventure.

    AK Guy
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    Family business can be challenging, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Good luck.

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