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Wehrspann and Zorinsky 6/20/09

  • chadmayer
    Gretna, NE
    Posts: 136

    Went to Wehrspann in the morning for a couple hours. We trolled some cranks for a while without much luck. The water is very dirty from all the rain. Did catch a few bluegills on the cranks. We then decided to go off the road bed on the west side. Caught tons of crappies. A few may have been 10 inches but all were released. If you want to keep a kid busy, the crappie are on fire right now. Caught all of them on tube jigs (red body, black tip with a yellow tail).
    I also tried fishing Zorinsky. Didn’t get there until 9:30 PM. We trolled crankbaits for a couple hours. Tried about every depth and every color you can think of. We did manage to hook into one really nice walleye. This was my first time using cranks at night and I will definitely try it some more. We didn’t stay very long because there was a storm moving in and my 8 year old was driving me bonkers. Night fishing isn’t his thing. I am going to try my luck next saturday at Branched Oak. I am going to leave Gretna at 5:30PM and should be on the water before 7. I won’t be taking the kids so I may have room for one more on my boat if anyone is interested.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Wish I was closer, I’d be there.

    Good luck, lookin forward to the pics!

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    Chad- I may be out there on Sat. morning. Give me a holler on Friday evening.

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