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Ohio River Water Clarity

  • davenorton50
    Burlington, WI
    Posts: 1417

    Hi guys. Does the water on the Ohio River ever clear up or is it pretty much mud-stained year round? I might be making a trip down there and was wondering what to expect.


    – d-nort

    Wind Lake, WI
    Posts: 215

    Bring the 4 lb flouro and plenty of doodlin’ worms!

    Burlington, WI
    Posts: 1417

    does 4# test work well on 7ft med-hvy baitcasting rods with the drags buttoned down?

    looks like i might be heading to the tackle shop .

    Posts: 354

    I fished there twice last year. The main channel is some very dark water, but the creeks do clear up. You just have to watch the levels most of all. You can pre-fish the day before a tournament and be on a ton of fish, but the Corps may drop the level as much as 2ft overnight. Result…… no more fishies! The good thing is, there is a 12″ limit on the Ohio!

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