November fishing report

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    I couldn’t let a fall go by without posting at least one report. First trip to the Rock this fall was yesterday in a buddy’s boat. I prefer not to fish the high, fast water, and with flood-level conditions on the Rock for the past few weeks, I’ve fished other places instead. We put his Lund in at the by-pass at 7 am,, and no-waked it to the VFW and began working down-river. Water temps were 39 degrees and with the water still up, we jigged/dragged down river, working several stretches a few times, making our way back to the by-pass to call it quits just before dark. Started with plastic on one rod, and jig/fatheads on another, but the eyes definitely preferred the meat on this day. We boated eyes in most areas fished, with a final tally of more than 40 with three legals in the bunch at 16 to 17 inches. Missed about as many light hits as well. Oddly enough, not a single goat or white bass. Saw a handful of other boats, but none of the familiar smiling faces of my river-rat buddies; Bola, Diesel, Wefish, Broadway Bob, KV; where are you?
    Anyway, it was nice to get back out there. Fishing the Rock in late fall has been one of my favorites. Next week’s forecast is not looking good to put it mildly, so let’s hope she doesn’t lock up early again this year.

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    Hey Z doing well, thank you. Winter caught me by surprise early this year. Put the boat in storage yesterday, so done for the year.

    Jason’s posts this spring got me pumped. Got to the upper river late April and promptly got froze and skunked.

    Trolling bite got going early May and never stopped. Many limits but sorted through 20 shorts everytime it felt like. Suffered through 2 weeks of the 4 inch white bass plague. Next year looks like it could be very good.

    Hope to get a smaller boat this spring in attempt to get on the early bite.

    Be well.

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