A couple bycatch of walleye fishin

  • sharkbait
    The mud puddle in western Ks
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    Well the fish have really started to move here in Ks.Took a couple hours out yesterday afternoon trolling cranks along the edges.They were out along a break from 17-27 feet and hanging along the adge.They really seemed hungry for size 7 rapalas and flicker shads.The other hot lure was a model A bomber.six hours on the water and 30-35saugeye and walleye but they were all just little 15-18 inchers.Fun to catch though .The entertainment was all the off specie bite.about 8 or 9 spots and largemouth bass . 2 big drum and about 10 crappie.Most were healthy prespawn black crappie but the big guy was a 14 inch White crappie.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    Man, way to rub it in with those nice crappies!! I’ll have to make my way down there soon….

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