Northland pitchin puppet

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    Anyone try these yet? Intriguing…but $10 each…

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    What is the difference between the pitching puppet, normal puppet, and old puppet with 3 tie rings on the top?

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    I like Northland Tackle, they make good quality tackle IMO, that being said, they also come out with new tackle every year and market it as the best thing ever. They did it with jigs the last few years. Unfortunately I think a lot of fishing tackle catches more fisherman than it does fish. I still find myself hooking the majority of my fish on a plain rig.

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    Good question, Rodwork. The Pitchin Puppet marketing/promo cuts have been focused on the wide gap hook in the back and translucent body of the bait, saying the one piece construction (fin and body 1 piece not separate) changes movement. I’ve used the rapala version vertical jigging (might be a little big in size with only size currently) but not to the point where it was a tremendous piece of the arsenal.

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    I just got back from a trip in Canada and for the first time used the new Rapala jigging shadow rap for a few days. It’s similar to the new Puppet Minnow.
    Had good success with it when fish were a bit negative and not hitting jigs & plastics. (they were hitting jigs with half a crawler. My first impression of the jigging shadow rap is a good one.
    The slower erratic fall on slack line after a snap up did a good job of triggering bites.

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