Northern Saskatchewan pike fishing

  • christine wilson
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    Looking for recommendations for fly in pike fishing lodges in Northern Saskatchewan. Nothing fancy required. Just great fishing.
    For next year .

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    Tom schmitt
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    Kississing lake outpost camps
    Google kississing lake lodge. Check out their outpost camps.
    We went to the kakamak lake cabin.
    The cabin at kak is a dump but the fishing is pretty awesome.
    20″ walleye sometimes as fast as you can get back in the water.
    Smallish 20″ northern get annoying but the frequent 30″+ and the occasional 40″ fish can make it worthwhile.
    Early spring lake trout are great.

    Their other cabins look nicer, but I don’t know anything past the brochure.

    Brad Dimond
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    FIL went to North Star Lodge on Knee Lake several years running. Came back with Saskatchewan Master Angler award each year – 41″+ Northern Pike. Also picked up a couple of Walleye awards as well, 28″+ fish. High end resort, too rich for my blood at the time plus I couldn’t afford the buy in at the poker table for the group he went with.

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