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New Year, New Question on ice…

  • Tim Bossert
    Cochrane, WI
    Posts: 427

    We are scheduled to make our yearly trip up to this area and are wondering how the ice is looking? Is there any websites that offer up-to-date reports on ice in this region? Any help is appreciated. Trip is the weekend of the 17-19 of March.

    Thanks in advance!

    MN - 55082
    Posts: 1644

    I always consider info from Highbanks on Winni a good indicator for late season access in the area. Their access is typically on of the first to fall apart because of the slope and westward orientation. If Highbanks access is good, you should be OK most other locations.

    Tim Bossert
    Cochrane, WI
    Posts: 427

    That is a great point. I’ll be sure to monitor them.

    Anyone that has fished this area can also chime in with ice conditions.

    Much appreciated!

    Posts: 142

    Give Geigers Resort a call, they have an access there as well as roads. Usually have good info for ice conditions..

    Posts: 18

    Highbanks access/road were in great shape from what I can tell this weekend. As long as the sun don’t melt the snow covering the lake up, it will be good for another 2-3 weeks easily.

    Bob Schultz
    Posts: 728

    Geiger’s reopened there access a day or 2 ago to the public. They had closed it to the public, for a week or so, to preserve it for their cabin guests. Highbanks is closing on the 12th I believe, so after that it will be tough to get info from them. If the landings and ice survive this Saturday-Monday, it looks like temps will drop back and hopefully heal up any damage the warmth does. We are hoping to make a trip on the 12-16th.

    Tim Bossert
    Cochrane, WI
    Posts: 427

    bearplotts, Let me know how you do. We are leaving the morning of the 16th and I have not heard anything good about the fishing lately.


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