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New Gneration Alumacraft

  • walleyeynot
    Posts: 4

    Looks Like BRP is sending it’s boat manufacturing to Mexico. My walleye group has had issues with hull rivets leaking and floor screws installed crooked on the newer boats. Not sure what is happening.
    I like the QUICK-INSTALL FLEX MODULES; but can’t say that I care much for the new rear deck over or higher front hull either. Seems like they are taking the best fishing boat they make, and ruining it. I was looking to get into a new Competitor but now I am not sure. Looks like the 2024 new “sweeping bow” rides high like a deep-V catching more wind. I think I may have to look at a Fish hawk (Crestliner).

    Hot Runr Guy
    West Chicago, IL
    Posts: 1932

    So you’re just going to keep starting new threads on this? We get it, you don’t like manufacturing in Mexico.

    Is Alumacraft competitor build going to Chihuahua City, Mexico


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