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New Garmin LiveScope XR just announced.

  • Denny O
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    New Garmin LiveScope XR just announced.
    No doubt electronics companies have been going back and forth 🥊 1-upping each other, which is good news for us. This new technology from Garmin brings “an extended range for deeper and open waters” to their LiveScope system:

    Info from here:

    > …today unveiled LiveScope XR , the latest addition to its award-winning live-scanning sonar lineup, now with an extended range for deeper and open waters. With excellent image sharpness at both close and long ranges simultaneously, LiveScope XR delivers real-time images of fish and structure up to 500′ in front of or below the boat – over 200% more range than the leading competitor system.

    > With an optimized design for deeper water, the LiveScope XR transducer has extended elements so anglers can see both long- and close-range views in real time. Anglers can see further around and below the boat – up to 500′ in freshwater… – and the Reverse Range feature allows them to utilize more of the screen to display fish and structure.

    > To see detail closer to the boat, the Compress Range feature displays a live look in sharp detail up close, while still allowing the angler to keep an eye on targets further away at the same time.

    > The LiveScope XR System includes a compact GLS 10 black box with a LiveScope XR LVS62 transducer, along with a trolling motor barrel and shaft mounting kit, perspective mount bracket and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for easy installation and integration with a compatible [screen].

    > With a free software update, the LVS62 transducer…can be added to an existing LiveScope System black box for customers who want to upgrade.

    > Both the LiveScope XR System and the LiveScope XR LVS62 are available now, with suggested retail prices of $2,999.99 and $2,499.99 respectively.

    I originally assumed it was geared more towards salt water (?) but could definitely see crossover in the walleye world. Specifically walleyes suspended over open-water, which are usually BIG ones.

    Imagine being able to scan 500′ 😳 when looking for wads of Lake Erie walleye….

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