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    Hey, I’m gonna buy a new crock pot, in the 6-7 quart range. I’ve got a baby one for dips, one around 3.5 quarts for chili, soups, etc. but now looking for an oval one for meals and larger batches of soup/chili. Nowdays I’ve seen there’s a large variety, just looking for advice on what to buy. Some have aluminum pots instead of porcelain, not sure which is best. Thanks for opinions in advance, there’s a lot to choose from!

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    I feel my house hold got a crock pot for Xmas about 10 years in a row. They are all different but they all work great. I do not have one with aluminum insert all are porcelain. I don’t think you cam go wrong with any old crock pot off the shelf. They all perform about the same.
    I’m no crock pock expert but I do use them at least once a week for a roast being beef or venison and same with all sorts of other stuff like dips, jambalaya, wild rice soup etc.. weird thoughts at 2am ? Lol

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    Aluminum ones I’ve seen, like all-clad, have a nonstick coating that will come off eventually. Not sure what the advantage is supposed to be but I wouldn’t get it for that reason.

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    CrockPot brand. The ceramic cooking crock lifts out of the aluminum outside that holds the heating element. Works well on pot roasts, chili and most other slow cook recipes we have tried. Ours is old with the knob that controls the heat … looks like some of the new ones have digital temperature and time controls built in.

    No matter the brand I use the crockpot liners. Cleanup is as simple as lifting out the liner. I may never slow cook “crock” without one.

    If you want to go old school get the cast iron dutch oven and use charcoal briquettes for heat. Lodge brand works well. Have not tried other brands.

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    Look at buying a insta pot or crock pot brand insta cooker (called crock pot express), these can be used like a slow cooker but also give you the option of searing, pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooker, kind of a 7 in one deal. Teh only thing I did buy a separate glass lid for mine. makes it a lot easier when food is done to get in and out of instead of the heavy pressure cooker type lid.

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    Hey, it’s past 2am, any new thoughts?

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    I got one of these travel croc pots for Christmas a few years ago. It is a Presto brand. They are great for bringing stuff to parties etc.

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    Make sure it is one that has the timer and 3 heat levels, so you can set and go. Then come home to a nice hot meal.

    John Rasmussen
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    No matter the brand I use the crockpot liners. Cleanup is as simple as lifting out the liner. I may never slow cook “crock” without one.

    This they are life changing!

    Agree with the Crock Pot brand ones are the best. I recently replaced the one that lives in the fish house because of damage. I bought the travel one with the snap lid and feel like that one is nice.

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