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    PWT Pro, Thank you for your patience. The final “dotted line” has been signed, and we are ready to roll out the 2007 details. They include more money, a spread-out schedule, a great selection of waters (great bites, great times), and more media opportunities (PWT TV show, PWT radio, Walleye In-Sider, Walleye Guide and local/regional newspapers and TV).

    We know it has taken longer than customary to finalize the details, and the announcement is late. Those details, however, mean greater “pay-days” for you.

    Each pro can assist the PWT and assure the success of the tour this season. We ask now that each pro work especially diligently to sign-up at least one amateur for the first tournament, Chamberlain, April 4-6. Time is very limited, and the selling points are:

    1. Chamberlain will be a tremendous river bite.
    2. Chamberlain will be the first-ever PWT “pre-spawn” event.
    3. Amateurs/Co-anglers will catch lots of fish.
    4. This will be a time to get the kinks out and enjoy the spring bite.
    5. The amateur/co-angler entry fee is less than last season, and at $375, amounts to only $125 per day. The fee last season was $450, and higher in past years.

    NOTE: Pros, advise amateurs they can go to our website for details and entry blanks; you can hand them an entry blank; they can call PWT headquarters, 218-829-0620; or they can call any of us directly:

    Julie Meister: 218-824-2542
    Charlie: 218-824-2532
    Jim K.: 218-824-2552

    6. The top amateur/co-angler will win a boat/outboard/trailer valued at $17,000. To-placing amateurs will win Lowrance GPS units, Mercury outboards, Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors, gift certificates from leading tackle companies so they can order exactly what they want, and more.
    7. The amateurs/co-anglers will be featured on TV and pictured in the magazines.
    8. They will learn so much that they will start winning their local and state tournaments. They will see what it takes to be a pro. Many may even use this event as the stepping-stone to future pro stardom.

    Convince the amateurs/co-anglers you know and meet to fish
    Chamberlain. You will be increasing the effectiveness of all partners during the tournament.

    Please review the pro information, and call if you have any questions. The 2007 rules will be posted on our website, along with the site details. One of the attachments is for Super Pros, the other for Regional anglers. It is important that all pros know the specifics of each. With four good-paying Regionals, the opportunities to directly impact money winnings increases dramatically. And, that will determine who will be the 2008 Super Pros. Julie, Charlie, Jim

    Note: Please download the appropriate entry packet that is attached. Below is the 2007 PWT Super Pro Invitational List

    The Super Pro series “invitational formula” is attainable to those who have been fishing for several years, and allows new pros to move up rapidly. It rewards excellence. The best anglers will move up quickly.

    Super Pro invitations will go to the top active (fished a series in 2006) anglers who have accumulated the most career winnings. For 2007, Super Pro invitations will go to the top 60 all-time money winners. Alternates, if necessary to achieve 60 Super Pro anglers prior to the season, will be invited. No Super Pro alternates will be added after the season commences.

    The 2007 Championship invitations will go to the top 30 anglers in the Johnsonville Angler of the Year race (must fish both the Super Pro & Regional Series). The top 20 Regional qualifiers will also be invited.

    1. Ron Seelhoff
    2. Mike Gofron
    3. Gary Parsons
    4. Tommy Skarlis
    5. Keith Kavajecz
    6. Pete Harsh
    7. Perry Good
    8. Scott Fairbairn
    9. Dan Plautz
    10. Bill Ortiz
    11. Bruce Samson
    12. Mark Brumbaugh
    13. Mark Martin
    14. Dan Stier
    15. Daryl Christensen
    16. Rick Olson
    17. Shannon Kehl
    18. Scott Glorvigen
    19. Bill St. Peter
    20. David A. Andersen
    21. Gary Roach
    22. Tommy Kemos
    23. Robert Crow
    24. John Kolinski
    25. Ronald Gazvoda
    26. Steve Fellegy
    27. Todd Riley
    28. Dave Van Oss
    29. Ross Grothe
    30. John Bergsma
    31. Tom Backer
    32. Jeff Taege
    33. Todd Frank
    34. Sam Anderson
    35. Marty Glorvigen
    36, Steve Bohn
    37. Bob Propst Jr.
    38. Terry Wilson
    39. John Butts
    40. Jim Muzynoski
    41. Brian Ney
    42. Chief Papineau
    43. Mike Kulm
    44. Mark Christianson
    45. Dave Anderson
    46. Ernie Olson
    47. Chase Parsons
    48. Brad Davis
    49. Sheldon Meidinger
    50. Andy Kuffer
    51. Jim Carroll
    52. Rick Franklin
    53. Jay Janny
    54. Barry Walker
    55. Dean Miller
    56. Charlie Johnson
    57. Steve Poll
    58. Tony Puccio
    59. Danny Plautz
    60. Gil Mollet
    61. Tom Gatzke*
    62. Mark Courts*
    63. Patrick Neu*
    64 Jay Weber*
    65. Jeff Edwards*
    *Qualified through the 2006 Tommy Docks Regional Series

    Alternates, in order, who will be invited to fish if the Super Pro field is less than 60 prior to the start of the 2007 season.

    1. Myron Sylte
    2. Jerry Fox Jr.
    3. Dave Randash
    4. Scott Zeigler
    5. Mark Gwizdala
    6. Johnnie Candle
    7. Larry Snow
    8. Ken Zmudzynski
    9. Ken Van Oss
    10. Chuck Emery

    Dear PWT Super Pro,
    Congratulations. You are invited to fish the 2007 In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail Super Pro series. The list of invitees and the top 10 alternates are listed on the attached sheet.
    Please return your entry blank by the date indicated. If you can-not fish (a handful of pros have indicated health, family or jobs will keep them out this season), call Jim or Charlie right away. That way, we can inform alternates.
    The Super Pro and Regional purses have increased substantially over last season. However, the Super Pro series will include two tourna-ments. One of those will be in Dryden, Ontario. The other will be in Cass Lake.
    Dryden/Wabigoon Lake is a new location, and could produce the season’s largest walleyes, according to a Super Pro who has fished this system once or twice. Cass Lake is on the opposite end of the calendar from our past event there.
    According to the customs and immigration folks, those flying into Canada are now required to have a passport. That regulation will also apply to those driving, but not until later in the year. It takes about six weeks and about $100 for a passport. It might be a good idea to have one. For any anglers who feel something in their backgrounds might hamper border crossing, contact the Canada Border Crossing Service, 800-438-7020, and for a fee, they may be able to assist you.
    Super Pros who fish the four Regionals will also qualify for Johnsonville Brats Angler of the Year honors. And, the top 30 pros in the Johnsonville Angler of the Year race will qualify for the Mercury Championship. When completing the Super Pro entry blank, check off the Regional tournaments you will enter.
    The invitation list and purse payments are listed. A Regional pro letter shows the purse comparison for that series.
    There is one other item that will be critical. With the “later-than-usual” start, the PWT requests that each Super Pro convince at least one new amateur/co-angler to fish this season. Potential contestants can call PWT headquarters, and we will sign them up over the phone. Or, they can go to the web for details and entry blanks. Posters will be forwarded for your area. Please distribute them to key locations. The rules are posted on the PWT web site.
    Super Pro invitations go to the top active anglers who have accumulated the most career winnings. “Active” means they
    fished in 2006. For 2007, invitations will go to the top 60 money winners and the top five Regional anglers. The goal is to fish both
    Super Pros with 60 anglers. Alternates will be added, if necessary. After the first tournament, alternates will not be added to the
    Super Pro series.
    Thanks for your support and interest.
    Jim Kalkofen, Charlie Moore & Julie Meister

    2007 Super Pro Purse:
    $241,500 per tournament
    1st $45,000 & Boat
    2nd 20,000
    3rd 18,000
    4th 16,000
    5th 14,000
    6th 12,000
    7th 11,500
    8th 11,000
    9th 10,500
    10th 10,000
    11th 9,000
    12th 8,500
    13th 8,000
    14th 7,000
    15th 6,000
    2006 Super Pro Purses:
    Tournaments # 1, # 2 and # 3: $159,000
    Tournament # 4 (Mille Lacs): $208,000
    Plus Tournament grade walleye boat
    payouts based on fully paid pro & amateur fields

    Dear Regional PWT Pro,
    Thank you for considering the In-Fisherman Professional
    Walleye Trail Regional series of tournaments this season. This might
    be the best slate of competitive sites ever offered.
    The tour starts at Chamberlain, where the best bite could be
    within sight of take-off. This will be the first ever pre-spawn bite in
    PWT history. The next site, Winneconne, will be a week later than
    previously. This will open up more of the system, creating a spread-out
    field. Mille Lacs has been on the schedule many times, and was
    the site of the first PWT tournament in 1989. Last summer, it was
    trolling and slip-bobbering. What will it be the end of May? Then,
    it’s the Bays. What fisheries! Past winners have come from Big Bay
    de Noc, the Shoals between the Bays and the structure “down south.”
    Where will the big catches be in August?
    The Regional series is open to rookie pros, veterans and
    everybody who wants to compete. This is still an invitational, and
    new pros must submit “Rookie Pro” forms and references with their
    entry blanks. Regional pros may elect to fish one, two, three, or all
    four events. To qualify for the Championship (the top 20 Regional
    pros will be invited to the Championship), pros must sign up for all
    four Regionals prior to the first tournament. Those signing up for all
    four receive preference.
    The Regional series provided some of the toughest competi-tion
    in 2006, and the action will be as intense this coming season.
    Many pros aspire to move into the PWT Super Pro ranks. That sys-tem
    is based on career PWT money winnings. However, the top 10
    Regional pros at the end of the 2007 season will be invited to fish the
    2008 Super Pro tour.
    The Regional Pro purses have been increased. The first column
    in the list is the 2006 payout; the second (right column) is the
    2007 purse.
    Also new for the Regionals is the lower amateur/co-angler
    entry fee. That fee has been reduced to $375. This will make it eas-ier
    for Regional pros to bring fishing partners with them to tourna-ments.
    Be sure to talk this up with your friends, in your fishing
    clubs, at seminars and shows. If you need extra amateur/co-angler
    entry blanks, let us know. It is not mandatory to bring amateurs/co-anglers
    with you to tournaments, but will be deeply appreciated.
    Thanks for considering the PWT in 2007. See you on tour!
    Jim Kalkofen, Charlie Moore & Julie Meister

    2006 payouts / 2007 payouts
    1st $55,000 $25,000 & Boat
    (Plus tournament – grade walleye rig)
    2nd 15,000 18,000
    3rd 13,000 13,000
    4th 10,000 10,000
    5th 9,000 9,500
    6th 8,000 9,000
    7th 7,000 8,000
    8th 6,000 7,000
    9th 5,000 6,000
    10th 4,000 5,000
    11th 3,500 4,000
    12th 3,400 4,000
    13th 3,300 4,000
    14th 3,200 4,000
    15th 3,100 4,000
    16th 3,000 3,750
    17th 2,900 3,750
    18th 2,800 3,750
    19th 2,700 3,750
    20th 2,600 3,750
    21st 2,500 3,500
    22nd 2,400 3,500
    23rd 2,300 3,500
    24th 2,200 3,500
    25th 2,100 3,000
    26th 2,000 3,000
    27th 2,000 3,000
    28th 2,000 3,000
    29th 1,500 3,000
    30th 1,500 3,000
    2006 Payout 2007 Payout
    payouts based on fully paid pro & amateur fields

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    Thanks Jason Is it what you expected to see

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    It is about what I expected, still don’t need another overpriced boat if I win, want the cash!

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    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

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