Another Great NE Field Staff! Fisherman Zach!

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    Please welcome another Nebraska resident Zachary Fries (Fisherman Zach) to In-DepthAngling’s Field Staff.

    Zach is an avid Nebraska walleye fisherman and finds other species on the end of his line as well. We’re all looking forward to your knowledge, passion and reports for fishing in our Nebraska forums!

    More about Zach, in his own words… ” I am an avid outdoorsman. I spend all the time I can outside and most of that time is spent on the boat. I tournament fish for walleye, but I enjoy chasing whites, crappie, wiper and even the occasional catfish. My favorite presentation is jigging a small marabou jig. I would love to be able to guide someday and my goal is to fish the PWT.

    Above all, I am a dad and a husband. My wife Kelli and my son Ryder mean the world to me. Everything I am able to do and will be able to do in the future will be because of the love and support of my family.”

    Welcome to In-DepthAngling’s Field Staff Zach! I’m sure many of our members will be very interested in your reports from the rapidly growing Nebraska area!

    James Holst
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    Welcome Zach…!

    Malcom, IA
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    Welcome to the Field Staff Zach
    Another Husker …. well it’s a Big state
    Looking forward to your reports!


    Steve Plantz
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    Welcome to the Team Zach!!!

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    Welcome aboard Zach

    South Metro
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    Welcome aboard Zach!

    Dresbach, MN
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    Welcome Zach!!!

    Milan Il
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    Welcome aboard Zack

    Dean Marshall
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    Iowa City, Iowa
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    Welcome aboard!!!

    mn Dodge co.
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    Welcome Zach

    Doug Ertl
    St Cloud, MN
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    Welcome Zach

    Brian Klawitter
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    Welcome Mr Fisherman Zach!

    Just wondering how you guys find time for fishing…Husking all that corn?

    Welcome to the Team Big Guy!

    zachary fries
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    It is tough to make the time. I mean between husking corn and watching the ‘skers’ husk the opposition, it takes a real hard core outdoorsman to find the time to get out!!! I am so honored to have the opportunity to bring some of my insight to the In-Depth Angling table. I love to write articles. Now you will see short reports from me but my passion is telling a story. I am still trying to master the sight so I am sure that I will be asking many questions of you so please be patient with me. Remember, I am from Nebraska and all we think about is ‘SKERS’.
    Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!

    Northwest Iowa
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    Welcome Zach! I’m really excited to watch the Nebraska forums grow and I know you will be a huge part of making this forum THE place to go for Nebraska fishing information. We’ll continue to get you, Ben, and Todd some help. Being from the area, I know how little time you guys have, since we have to spend so much time in the cornfield and all!

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    Welcome Z

    To the others, “Help breed success. Do it with a Husker.” That famous shirt had to be worn inside out every time the Principal caught me wearing it.

    What else can be said?

    Oh yeah, “Nice toof” is a good pick-up line in Sooner Country.


    NE Nebraska
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    Welcome aboard. Always good to see another Husker in the bunch.

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