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    Well with the baby and all last week, I really didn’t need to throw a tourny into the mix as well, but I was able to make it up to Sherman for the weigh-in’s on Sat & Sun and I talked to some of the guys who did well.

    The majority of the ‘eyes’ are twords the west end of the lake around the muddy point area. The fish are at various depths though the day but are mainly in 12′-22′ of water. Most of the keepers were caguht pulling small to medium sized shad-style baits or in-line spinner/crawler set-ups. The fish wanted to see these baits pulled at a pretty good clip, 2.5-4mph, and seemed to be more aggressive in the morning hours.

    The forage in the lake is unbelieveable!! In fact, the whites were already boiling shad over the 4th holiday. I really think that the white run is going to be a great one and there are going to be some big fish and a lot of them.

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