NWT @ Merrit this weekend

  • zachary fries
    Central Nebraska
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    Well it is about time for what will probably be another tough bite on the Nebraska Walleye Trail. Our second stop of the year is Merrit and from what I have heard from some friends and fellow fisherman, the spawn is still on but there are fish that finished 20 days ago . I guess it wouldn’t be right if you where going up to Merrit in the early spring and planned on catching a lot of fish though, right?

    I know that good live bait fishermen like Ben Garver and Mike Isom are going to be able to find some fish and there will be a few good bags weighted by those guys but if the weather is cooperative and the wind doesn’t blow like it has 92% of this spring I think that a person who is good with a jig will be able to find some fish. Pre-fish is going to be VERY important on Friday and Saturday, maybe the most important pre-fish of the year. With the big time difference between the females that spawned 20 – 25 days ago, and the females that are still spawning, it is going to be absolutely imperative that some fish are found during the pre-fish.

    My partner and I are going to camp next to Ben and Pete up there so hopefully we can work together and figure out some kind of a pattern. I think it is going to be a tough bite but I am really looking foreward to the challenge and gunning for a top 10 finish!!!

    By the way, great web-site and I am looking foreward to participating more and more in the future!!!

    Malcom, IA
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    Welcome FZ
    Good luck on your NWT quest
    You’re right this is a great place for fishing and a lot more, look forward to hearing more from you.


    Lincoln, NE
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    Good luck at Merrit Gents. Hope the Walleyes are active for you. Let us know how you end up. Do you guys fish the Governors Cup as well?? If so, I’ll see ya there.

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
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    Welcome aboard Zach!

    I’m just getting ready to leave my shop and head home to start packing for Merritt. 5 hour drive tomorrow after work and then it’s fun time. I’ve got 2 days of pre-fishing to come up with a pattern that will work for us. It’s looking like the weather is in our favor for Friday. Winds are supposed to be 5mph switching to calm by the afternoon. That should make for a great day for locating fish and trying out some different tactics.
    Merritt was not a good lake for us last year. So I’m really looking forward to changing that this year. I’m thinking they will be done spawning soon. Maybe even today. Zach’s right about the bite going to be a tough one. Should only get better up there every day from now until the first part of July.

    Ben Garver

    Northwest Iowa
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    Hi Zach! Welcome to In-depthangling.com!

    I am sending you a message via the Private Message system (PM). You should see a blinking envelope in the upper left corner. Just click on it and it should take you to the message center.

    Northwest Iowa
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    Lance Nelson,

    Welcome to In-Depthangling! It’s good to see some Nebraska boys roll in!

    Champlin, Mn
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    Welcome to IDA guys!

    pete meister
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    WELL ZACH Nice to see ya here and we will see ya at merrit!!! It is a quater to 6:00pm and we need to get on the road so see ya there… GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    Welcome Lance, Zach and Pete!

    Good luck you all you tourny fishermen!

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    I’m sure everyone gone for pre fishing…so I can say this now….

    After landing a 29 and a 27 inch post spawn walleyes on a live bullhead and a cut sucker…would that make me a “post spawn expert”?

    Answer: Nope, just another unsuccessful catfisherman!

    Hope you guys bring back some photos!

    Dean Marshall
    Chippewa Falls WI /Ramsey MN
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    Welcome to your “NEW” home guys!

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