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Alcova or Pathfinder

  • Husker26
    Gretna, NE
    Posts: 143

    I’m planning on heading up next week for a few days of fishing on Pathfinder and Alcova reservoirs in Wyoming. I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience fishing these waters? Just curious if the patterns and presentations will remain similar to those we implement here in Nebraska? i.e. bottom bouncers, lindy rigs, etc… I can’t find much on the walleye fishing up in Wyoming, it’s all about the trout in that state!
    Any info is greatly appreciated.

    Rochester, MN
    Posts: 2105

    Fellow Husker,
    Check the reports out there right now as I talked to my brother living in Cheyenne and he said run off from the snow pack is flooding Saratoga and all the way down river. I imagine the lakes are up and dirty. Alcova is primarily a smaller reservoir, and mostly trout. However, Pathfinder, Seminoe,even Glendo, usually have the better walleye populations. Start at the top end of the lakes, 10-15 feet,crawler (spinner)rigs and bottom bouncers. Work out the next drop from there. Make some calls to the local bait shops just before you arrive or have your co-pilot make some calls while driving out there. Cranks worked also, but again check with the local shops…good luck…

    Gretna, NE
    Posts: 143

    I appreciate the info.!! I was worried a little about the high water but from what I’ve heard, Pathfinder was SUPER low so maybe the new water will help? I appreciate the reply!

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