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best shore fishing in omaha?

  • blkohel
    Bellevue, NE
    Posts: 2

    live in Bellevue, looking for good shore fishing for bass and the occasional walleye in the Omaha area. ive tried walnut creek, standing bear, offut, youngmans, and wehrspann. looking for any advice or tactics that would help at all. thank you

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Welcome to IDO, glad ya found us.

    I’m out in central NE, so I don’t have a lot of info for you, but I’m sure someone will chime in. You might consider taking a short vacay to places like Lewis & Clark or maybe Branched Oak for some shore access. Good luck.

    Kearney, Nebraska
    Posts: 73

    Welcome to IDO. I am also not located in the Omaha area so don’t have any personal experience I can share with you. Here is some links to some resources NE G&P has put out that might help you as far as best locations for targeting your species of choice.

    As far as tactics go I think it is important to consider that nearly all of your bodies of water with quality fish there in the Omaha area are going to receive considerable pressure. I would do my best to try to fish during peak feeding times around sunrise and sunset as often as I could and I would fish the areas that pressured fish are likely to try and retreat to and some anglers may be hesitant to fish, thick cover, heavy weedllines, ect. Hopefully there is another member more familiar with the Omaha area that could chime in but good luck to you.

    Bellevue, NE
    Posts: 2

    thanks a lot everyone, been out here for two years now and haven’t heard much for around here except that zorinsky was dead. other than that still trying to find my way around here. thinking about trying Cunningham this week and wanahoo Saturday. good luck to all and tight lines to you all

    Omaha, Ne for now
    Posts: 293

    now I’m mainly a walleye guy so but wehrspan has the best shore fishing. there particular spots where you can catch walleye, channel cats and blue’s largemouth all caught 20 yards from shore. p.m. me and ill give you the best location on the lake and you can fish it from shore

    Posts: 100

    Bank fishing, boat fishing, don’t make no difference. Pick the best waters and GO FISH!

    “HuskerDB” has already given you a couple of great resources, use ’em.

    Daryl Bauer
    Fisheries Outreach Program Manager
    Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
    [email protected]
    Bauer’s Barbs and Backlashes

    Northwest Iowa
    Posts: 6167

    When I lived in Omaha I used to fish the 156th street bridge area on Wehrspann. It’s easy to access and is one of the best spots on the lake. It used to have great crappie fishing in the spring. Have fun!

    Luke Gregory
    Posts: 1

    Interested in the same. Zorinsky spots also. I’ll also check out those links.

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