Need help fishing Ethernet wires 2020 Lund Rebel 1650 XL Sport

  • Jared
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    So I’m connecting everything to the humminbird Ethernet port and now I need to run Ethernet from the trolling motor to the port that’s at the helm. I’m just confused what I need to remove to gain access? Here are some pictures of the layout:

    1. 20230210_164600-scaled.jpg

    2. 20230210_164718-scaled.jpg

    3. 20230210_164527-scaled.jpg

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    When I rigged a 1999 Lund Angler SS I ran the ethernet cable under the starboard gunnel to the helm. This boat did not have any wiring tubing.

    South Metro
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    On my 2019 Impact I reached up under the dash, ran my ethernet cable up thru the opening to my Humminbird.
    Then I ran the cable down behind the “wall” where my feet are ( on my boat there is an opening there to a lower compartment. When I take my rods out of the center rods compartment there is another panel I lift off and that’s where my batteries are.
    I can see my ethernet cable down there and then I run it to the black hose with yellow cord ( like in your picture) I tied a string around the yellow rope end and pulled the yellow rope down into the compartment where my batteries are until it came out of the black hose – I taped the Ethernet cable tot he string/yellow rope and pulled it all up into he bow

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