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NE South Dakota Walleyes Late July ideas and presentations

  • Terry
    Posts: 1

    Hi–going to give NE South Dakota a try in the Waubay area but really want to try some of the lakes that might get overlooked. Never been in the Dakotas ever to fish so any help, suggestions, presentations for walleye, perch and crappies would be great for last week of July. A little overwhelming with all that water

    Richland County, WI
    Posts: 579

    Well out there I would troll with worms in 7-10 FOW along the windy side of the lake

    Posts: 83

    Do a little research on smaller to mid size lakes for a backup if you get blown off the bigger Bitter or Waubay lakes. Some sit deeper in a bowl. Also get on the SDGFP site and research the net counts, lake maps, and stocking reports and you’ll get it narrowed down more.

    Posts: 740

    Pick a lake and go. pull cranks or spinners with gulp crawlers shallow while side scanning. if you find schools of fish, work them casting. no fish in 1-2 hours? slide deeper & repeat or move a few miles to the next lake.

    Plymouth, MN
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    I wouldn’t be afraid to fish at night instead, especially when its so hot and sunny during the day time.

    Pequot Lakes
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    Go to Opitz and get in the flooded Oaks. Pretend you are crappie fishing with light jigs and plastics. You will have to sort through a few fish. We have always caught enough for a good meal.

    Posts: 547

    plastics, plastics and more plastics. I dont even buy live bait there anymore. I have fished out there from April to October over the years and Bfishin plastics do the trick every time. And yes the wind blown shorelines are a must!!

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