Devils Lake or Stump Lake May 19 to 23

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    In just 2 weeks I am heading west for my first ever trip to Devils Lake, we will be staying in Michigan City. Planning to fish Devils and Stump Lake (if it is too windy). Been doing some reading and it appears casting cranks or twister tails along with slip bobbers will be the most productive way to find fish. Anyone offer any advice on depth, water temperature or structure we should look for. We will be targeting Walleyes mainly but I’m sure the Pike and White Bass will be close by. Just looking for some ideas, general area and such. I am going to post this on the Devils Lake forum as well. Thanks!

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    Ahhh, one of my favorite subjects, walleye fishing on Devils Lake in May and June.

    Look for walleyes shallow! 1′-5′ and look for back water areas and bays, places that look more like northern country. Also the casting bite gets better as the day gets longer and the sun gets higher.

    Heres what I have learned after many trips to Devils. Bobber fish first thing in the mornings in shallow trees. Once the sun gets up mid-morning to mid-day start casting and think shallow. It took a bit of time to figure this out since it goes against the grain of most walleye fishing but has proven successful for me. The fish seek warm water this time of year so pay attention to that, if you get in a bay and notice the temp up a few degrees odds are the walleyes will be in there. I like to cast frenzies, frenzy minnows, shad raps or plastics.

    Also make sure to do lots of stops and starts casting cranks fish will hammer it on the pause!

    Good luck and let us know how you do, I am heading up June 1st-6th.

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