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Muskie Tackle Box Question

  • Alex Weismann
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    Just wanted to make a post talking about Muskie boxes and which ones people use. I’ve been looking at the Lakewood Monster Box that can fit 100 lures, along with other features, but for $300, I’m not sure it’s worth. I’ve also seen tackle boxes like the Plano Maximizer which also claims it holds 100 lures, but it’s just a box with no other side compartments.

    I don’t know. Just wanted opinions and thoughts on the topic.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Those 2 boxes are similar style but the lakewoods is a lot nicer. The side compartments are nice for leaders, hooks, tools, etc.

    Check out Just Encase boxes if you want top of the line. I don’t think they’re even much more than the Lakewoods.

    Personally I use a bunch of Plano 3730s stowed in my livewell or a duffel bag if I’m in someone else’s boat.

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
    Posts: 1200

    it will help to consider how you’ll be using it 90% of the time.

    if it will go in your boat and never leave, consider getting something that is close to the height of your deck and can handle people standing on it. i’ve had both a built-in Just Encase and height-matched Lakewoods and it’s nice to have it double as useful casting deck surface rather than just taking up room in your cockpit. you do have to pay more for the strength in those products over the Plano-style plastic.

    and if you’re going to take stuff in and out of your boat very often, consider getting more, smaller boxes. both Reck-n-Rack and Lakewood offer appealing options for this approach. the Plano in a duffel approach is both inexpensive and very portable.

    my current set-up involves 2 Lakewood Pike/Salt boxes (same size as the Monster just a few inches less tall) that i use for casting baits. i have another 2 Lakewood Extreme boxes (Thorne Bros exclusive) that i use for my big trolling baits. i only bring what i need, and if it’s panfish or walleye time they’re out of the boat entirely.

    another tacklebox “rule” that’s made my fishing life better: i don’t allow myself to own more lures than what i can – easily – fit in those boxes. i need to be able to get lures out and put back without a hook-knot mess. when i buy some new stuff, it’s time to sell some lures i haven’t been using to make room.

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    I have a flambeau maximizer tackle box, but its close to 20 years old and nothing like the new version. Mine has a soft outer shell and pockets galore. Really like that box too bad they changed it to just a plastic one without any storage.

    Farmington, MN
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    I use a bunch of Plano 3730s stowed in my livewell or a duffel bag

    This is the same system I use for all my tackle boxes. I can easily switch out the ones I will need from spring to fall or if I know I will be fishing with someone who trolls or cast. I have way more lures than I can fit in my boat. Using Plano boxes allows me to tuck some here and there if I feel I might need something that doesn’t fit into my duffel bag. I have never sold any of my lures and sure I could make some nice profit now since all have them at least doubled in price over the last 15-20 years. I rather hang on to them and add to my collection. You never know when you might want to add that one back into the lineup.

    Cottage Grove, MN
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    I like the Plano boxes because it’s so easy to find what I want and the correct color. The boxes where you hang from the hooks take a lot more time to find what I want.

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