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Motorguide Xi5 update

  • rswan
    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 103

    Anyone try the Xi5 update. I am a little apprehensive to pull the trigger on it. There is a new update for the Xi5 if you have it on a gateway and a survey to see if your unit is covered by the update.

    Posts: 9899

    I havent dont this particular update and would like to know what the updates are for because my unit has been working fine with only one “glitch” that happens periodically where it will take off at full power for no apparent reason. Other than that it works fine.
    I have done previous updates when I first purchased it and didnt have any issues with those.

    Tim Bossert
    Cochrane, WI
    Posts: 427

    I upgraded my 2017 with the help of many emails back and forth with Motorguide. I have a Gen 1 system, so they sent me the software (version 7) and I did it. I will be reverting back to the previous version (version 2) as I lost some features I had.

    The list below happened after the new software upgrade.
    * Lost use of Pinpoint remote
    * as long as NMEA cable is plugged in, remote does not work – works when unplugged
    * Lost use of cruise control
    * ramps up to full speed on 1st button press (should be 1 mph). Unable to adjust speed down – must hit M button to get out of cruise
    * No longer have Autopilot on HDS. All Motorguide modules are detected after Network Auto-config, but if I click Goto cursor on chart a message is displayed that no active autopilot is present.

    Motorguide sent me version 2 software. If that does not restore my lost features, they want me to start troubleshooting the NMEA, and/or gateway. I will not purchase another $250 cable, because their “fix” broke it.

    Hopefully I can find out after this cold snap, and other chores to catch up on…

    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 103

    Scary, I updated my motor last week and just went to check out motor in the garage today. I used update MTGD 1_0_00_07.swup. I was also running the version 2.

    My remote still works.
    Cruise control works with the remote and touch screen.(Elite TI 12).
    I still have the autopilot features.

    Not wet tested, but trailer tested in garage.

    I run a elite ti 12(version 1) with a 2016/2017 Xi5.

    I hope reverting to version 2 helps you out.

    Chris Messerschmidt
    Posts: 541

    Did not fix anything for me…. My GPS Board went bad….. Even better is its on backorder…

    Cody Meyers
    Posts: 322

    I don’t have very good things to say regarding my Motorguide….and I have less good things to say about the interface with my Lowrance system that I paid for and leave unhooked because it only causes major problems with my units.

    J. Reynolds
    Posts: 1

    I too am afraid to take mine to a so called authorized service center to have the update installed. I’ve spoke to two different serice centers and they say I would be the first to have one done. Just sayin’ I don’t wanna be their first experiment.
    The only issue I have so far with my Xi5 is that sometimes it doesn’t stay on the anchor waypoint. This is also my second lower unit due to water intrusion so needless to say I’m not happy with it. If you buy one, be sure and purchase the extended warranty through Mercury.

    Calby Joe Brewer
    Posts: 2

    New to group. My motorguide xi5 is connected to a lowrance elite and the trolling motor works while running it from the elite. Once I made the connections using the nema 2000 cables I lost all the lights on the xi5 that indicate the battery anchor and such, also my hand held control will no longer work. Has anyone else had this issue? These units are less than 3 months old. as someone said earlier, I like both units but I’d love for them to work together as well as working independently.

    Posts: 1497

    Motor clinic in Bloomington helped me with my motorguide Xi5 last fall. They did a great job and was very impressed.

    David Anderson
    Dayton, MN
    Posts: 351

    Motor clinic in Bloomington helped me with my motorguide Xi5 last fall. They did a great job and was very impressed.

    I agree. I am pretty sure lightning took out my main control board last fall as it took out one bank on my Minnkota charger, didn’t think about the Xi5. Motor Clinic in Bloomington was fabulous. Brought it in on Wednesday, put a new control board in and picked it up on Thursday, works beautiful as I had lost the remote control function, the cruise control function, they all seem to be working now. I felt they were pretty reasonable as well.

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