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Moose and Little Moose lake

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    I’m headed to Moose at the end of May and I am wondering if there are any tips or tricks to the lake? Mostly fishing for walleye or panfish. It looks like the lake has a lot of structure with sunken islands. Thank you for any advise!

    Wade Boardman
    Grand Rapids, MN
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    I grew up on Big Moose.

    There are many sunken islands with big rocks just under the water. They are prop busters.

    There never has been much of a panfish population on Big Moose. Little Moose is a little better for that. Also check out Cottonwood Lake just to the north for panfish.

    The water clarity on Big Moose is about 20′-30′. The walleye are traditionally a dusk bite. Oddly enough not really a night bite or dawn bite.

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