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Stream of the week: Vermillion River

  • markdahlquist
    Eagan, MN
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    Stream of the week — Vermillion River

    Dakota County, 15-25 minutes from my house depending on where I fish.

    I spent considerable time fishing the Vermillion River this season. A total of 15 outings to be exact. Only 6 out of the 15 outings did I catch trout, 40% however each time I did catch fish be it giant northern pike, bullheads, chubs, or the most common white sucker.

    Most interesting I caught the two largest trout in the same pool in between a 16″ and a 14″ brown. Both were 20″ on the nose and the second one actually had a giant humpback, looking like he came out of the Great Lakes. Buddy Jon and I call this place Monsterland for obvious reasons.

    Bait is the way to go. Almost all trout caught on bait. Both northerns and a handful of trout shown here caught on spinners or x-rap. If you do x-rap do orange and gold fish it at dawn or dusk and twitch the hell out of it.

    Vermillion River map:

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