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ML Smallmouth – Tactics

  • cougareye
    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 4143

    I’m not a bass guy, mainly focus on walleye. Headed to ML this weekend and thought I should try and tango with some of those big smallies I hear so much about. If I were to spend a few hours targeting smallies this weekend, what tactics are best right now on the Pond?

    Posts: 14

    I havent been up, but will next week. Looking at water temps and trends should be fish in multiple stages. If it was me going this weekend I would fish some of the reefs and reef edges 5-10ft of water with swim baits and ned rigs. Slow steady retrieve on the swims. Another option is go to the bays and site fish them, not my style but certainly something a lot of folks enjoy and should be going now.

    Forest Lake / Lake Mille Lacs
    Posts: 3997

    Rocks. Look for big boulders.

    Posts: 7265

    Jerk baits or hair jigs shallow rocks… or just pretend your fishing for walleyes.

    Oakdale, MN
    Posts: 1189

    Fished Sunday and found a bunch smaller bass in the rocks. Saw a few bigger ones on beds. Too early for the good post spawn bite? Or have the females left already?

    Posts: 7265

    I have a feeling they were doing there thing this week weekend.

    Plymouth, MN
    Posts: 9779

    I have a feeling they were doing there thing this week weekend.

    I think so too. It was 58 degrees where I was 5 days ago. I didn’t see any beds but with the warm temps this week I would expect spawning to be going at the moment.

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