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Mixed Bag

  • dirk-w.
    Posts: 408

    We got into a mixed bag this weekend. The channnel cats are on the chew and some bonus shovelnose also showed up. You could guess tick-tick-tick of the sturgeon pretty easily. The channels where more like tap-tap-slam. Sorry about the duplicate pics.

    1. IMG_1660-1.jpg

    2. IMG_1625-1.jpg

    3. IMG_1637-1.jpg

    4. IMG_1671-1.jpg

    5. IMG_1618-1.jpg

    6. IMG_1660.jpg

    7. IMG_1675.jpg

    8. IMG_1649.jpg

    9. IMG_1637.jpg

    10. IMG_1670.jpg

    11. IMG_1671.jpg

    12. IMG_1618.jpg

    13. IMG_1625.jpg

    Ralph Wiggum
    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 11295

    That looks like a ton of fun! Nice work.

    SE MN
    Posts: 3224

    And that’s why there is nothing like fishing the river! Nice day

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