Water levels????

  • Husker26
    Gretna, NE
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    Wanting to come down and check this fishery out but can’t seem to find anything about the water conditions down there?? Any help?

    Gretna, NE
    Posts: 143

    Went down and found out that the water levels were up about 9′ over normal. I think that really has an effect on how the fishing was. Water was a little bit murky and lots of structure to fish. I’m not sure what this Lake is like when it’s normal, but will try again in the near future hopefully. 5 wiper with the biggest at around 6.5# and a couple of short eyes, 15″ but great weather and a great time to relax.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    We have the same problems up here in the canal at times. Water moves up to where it isn’t usually, and those fish really take advantage and can be hard to catch, no doubt about it. At least down there a lot of natural rock is present. Up here in NE, it’s all just grass and muck.

    Richard V.
    Somewhere over the rainbow
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    I haven’t been spending much time on IDO lately and did not see your post until this evening. I hope this helps.

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