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  • fluff47
    NE Nebraska
    Posts: 164

    Fished a little bass club tournament last weekend. Water fell another foot, I’d say, from the week before. Still had no problem getting a boat in at the Cedar Bay ramp.

    Keepers were hard to come by, everybody caught fish, but only 2 limits weighed in Saturday and none Sunday. Big fish didn’t make 4 pounds and the catches were scattered all over the lake. No one pattern really showed up.

    There also was a catfish tournament Saturday that we heard about at the marina. A five fish limit of 80 pounds supposedly won it, a 16pound average. I’d say those boys had a good day.

    No word on the walleye,


    zachary fries
    Central Nebraska
    Posts: 1435

    Thanks Fluff

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Good report, Fluff. I do love that place….I could go get lost there for weeks. Now if I could just figure out how to catch some fish up there!

    Central City, NE
    Posts: 358

    Nice report Fluff; have the walleye fishermen started trolling the Snake yet? Sure would like to know when the bite comes on up there. Need to make another trip north to get a good fix.

    Good fishin’

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