12-18-13 report

  • mar-80
    Chippewa Falls, WI
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    Got out on Menomin this morning 12-18-13. Got all set up and was fishing by 7:00. Starting marking and catching fish right away. I had to sort through a lot of smalls but did get my limit, including one big bull gill and two 12 in crappies. The rest were average size. I was fishing by the cemetery in 13-14ft of water. By far the go to bait was a white tiger gill pill tipped with a waxie. Lots of full size trucks on the ice. I too drove out and had the pucker factor going as the ice was popping pretty good. Overall a good morning on the ice!

    menomonie wi
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    not a hole lot of post this year…….how the bite been……..ive been haveing some luck…… hows the night bite been…..oh ya and happy new year……lets hope for some good luck in 2014….

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