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  • docfrigo
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    Fellow fisherman of the almighty walleye,

    We will be having an informational meeting Monday April 16th at the library landing pavilion(boat landing by the library). We will be going over the changes we will be implementing for this year, well as asking for your input on a few things. We hope to see you all there!

    The 2012 league will consist of 13 weekly events. League will start Monday May 7th and run every Monday through the end of July, Monday July 30th. There will be one Tuesday night event, Tuesday May 29th, due to the Memorial Day holiday.

    Please visit the league website (, excuse any typos(Russ types really fast!), and take a look at what we have planned for this year. PLEASE read through the rules before the first night of league. You can also view the full schedule of events on the website.

    It’s going to be a GREAT year and Russ, Dwight and I are SUPER excited to get things rolling! Feel free to post any questions to this thread and Russ or I will answer–otherwise, feel free to PM me(docfrigo) or Russ with anything!


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