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    Were you previously a Member of an In-Depth Outdoors community?
    This thread covers the steps for recovering your old or account, using the email address you originally used to register.



    1. Use your email address to Recover your Password
    2. Open the first email to verify your Account, check for a second email. This will contain your Username and Temporary Password.
    3. Use the link provided to Login, change your password in your Profile Settings.

    › Get Started

    For privacy and security reason we did not port your passwords over to the new website. Your posts, replies, photos and reports should all be in tact under your old username and email address. Use the process below to reset your password and regain control of your account.
    Note: There are two emails steps in this process.


    1. Use the recover password form

    Using the email address you used to register for an or Member account, enter it into the form field and hit GET NEW PASSWORD.  This will send an email to verify the ownership of your account and have a link to generate a new Temporary Password.


    Getting a ‘no registered user found’ message?
    Keep in mind the email address you used to register may be out of date. You will receive this error if the email you entered is not found in the user database, but remember to try any email you think you might have used at the time.

    I registered with an email I don’t have access to anymore.
    If you used an email you no longer have access to, or an email that wasn’t yours originally you will need to contact a moderator to gain access to your account. Please provide them with any details you can including your Username and current contact email, using the form on the Contact Us page.



    Check the email account of the address you entered. You should receive a verification email to the address you entered within a few minutes of submitting the form. Click the LINK in the email to generate a temporary password which will come in a second email.

    Note: Some Usernames were changed to remove spaces, special characters, and duplicates. Verify the new Username in the email which will be your new Login.


    Didn’t receive a verification email?
    Make sure the email address you entered was correct, and check your Span or Trash folders for an email from [email protected]. If you don’t have access to the email account, please complete the steps above using the form on the Contact Us page.


    3. Check for a second email, This will contain your Temporary Password

    Clicking the link in the first email will generate a Temporary Password, sent to your email account. The second email contains a randomly generated Temporary Password and a reminder of your username.

    Note: Some Usernames were changed to remove spaces, special characters, and duplicates. Verify the new Username in the email which will be your new Login.



    4. Login using the details from the second email.

    Click the link in the second email to access the Login form. Use your new username and Temporary Password to login to your Member profile. Upon successful login, you should be directed to your Profile page, where you can update your password to something secure and private.


    Having trouble with Login?
    Return to your emails and make sure you have the right username. Some usernames were changed because of platform requirements to remove spaces, special characters and duplicates. This will be your Login name going forward. You can change your Display name in your settings.


    5. Change your password to something secure and private

    Once you login and gain access to your account, you should be redirected to your Profile settings to update your password to something secure and private. If you don’t see that page, navigated using your profile image in the top right corner, then click the SETTINGS tab.


    Welcome back to
    Now that you are have access to your account you have the ability to post to the forums, upload photos to the gallery, join groups and friend and follow other users. Why not:

    › Upload a recent photo to the Gallery
    › Change your Profile photo
    Thank the IDO Web Staff for all the work on the new website!


    Still having issues with your account?

    Tried all the steps, and not finding your old account?
    A moderator or web staff member can help find your account in the system. Use the form on the Contact Us page to give us your current email address, and what you remember you Username or Login name being. We will do our best to find your account and provide you access.

    If you can find a post or thread created by your account, provide a link in the contact form and note the username or post number in that thread.

    Have additional tips or notes?
    Please leave them as comments to this thread and we will add Help content to this post!


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    Hi All,

    Had to create a new account because I could not recover my password. Link provided always returns “Invalid Key” when you browse to it. Does not seem to matter what browser does this in IE, Chrome, Firefox.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    Could have used the contact us email… [email protected] and Dave would have opened the door for you.

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    Hi Brian,

    I did send an email, didnt get a reply. I’m not to worried ????

    I really just wanted you to know the provide link fails.

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