Mary lake and Perch lake

  • keith schuckert
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    Good evening I am just curious if anyone knows about the bass fishing in mary lake or Perch lake? I have been looking around but can’t find any info from fellow fishermen/women on them. Just curious if they would be worth checking out. Thanks and have a happy and safe 4th of July.

    Minocqua, WI
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    Keith, where are these lakes at??? Not sure if I can help either way, but perhaps we can find a map and devise some kind of plan to try…


    keith schuckert
    Posts: 39

    Mary lake is in mary park in new Richmond wi it is intriguing lily pads everywhere I have looked up maps and what not but never see any boats or even kayaks on it. Saw one canoe the other day. Perch lake I believe is in Hudson it is a non motorized boat lake so mainly kayaks,canoes, and SUPs. This one I can’t find much info on either other than that.

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