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Marcum Lithium Shuttle issue

  • jbg1219
    NW Iowa
    Posts: 548

    I have a shuttle that I bought new last year. It will not charge properly with either of the chargers I have. (I have 2 shuttles) It acts like it is charging, and the light turns green on the charger, within minutes of running the LX6 i have in it, it drops to 70% and pretty much goes to 12% charged within an hour and the flasher starts acting up. Any tips on how to service this thing. Marcum, strangely has been no help on the matter, after contacting them twice on this.

    Cam White
    Posts: 105

    Can you access the battery terminals?

    St. Paul, MN
    Posts: 176

    The marcum li shuttle just plan suck. Junk batteries period. I also had two and same thing, within one year of owning them. Sold them and never looked back. Sorry, I know it’s not much help for you haha.

    Green hornet
    Posts: 23

    After 1 year of use. I had to send my lx7 in. They replaced the battery and it cost me roughly $94 bucks for repair and shipping.. have a ice55 hummingbird for over 15 years and still works flawlessly. I wont buy another marcum.

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 12746

    Same as these guys above. My battery and my brother’s battery were dead before the middle of the second season.

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