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    I am a self admitted Marcum Fanboy but literally submitted a LX-3 TCI issue email now 8 days ago. I have followed up twice since than, I have been very kind in my emails but have said I need to get the issue fixed for a leech lake trip in now 12 days. I have an LX6 lithium shuttle and LX7 lithium shuttle but would like this as well as a backup or if we have a few more people come on the trip. Not excited about the absolutely no follow up in now 8 days and 3 emails, that is for sure. Maybe I have to drop the nice, kind guy act. Not really my style but this doesn’t seem to be working.

    St. Paul
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    You anywhere near their office? Can you make a visit?

    Matt Waste
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    As I mentioned in another thread, I received my brand new Pursuit HD on Monday from Scheel’s, and immediately out of the box, I got the “No Signal” message which indicates either my camera or cable is bad right from the factory.
    I sent an email to MarCum Customer Support on Monday, though it was after hours when I opened it up, so I got an automated reply stating that I should expect a reply within 24 hours. So I called about 1 1/2 hours prior to them closing on Tuesday when I hadn’t yet received a reply. Got the automated answering service telling me to leave a message, so I did. No reply on Wednesday to either the email or voicemail, so I called again after lunch, had to leave another message. Still no reply today (Thursday) to any of the communications, so I sent another email, and left a voice mail also.
    I’ve had good responses from their tech people in the past when asking general questions, so I believe they are intentionally avoiding the issue. I understand it’s a holiday week, so I’m cutting them a bit of slack, but 3 days is too long.
    What have others experienced with MarCum Customer Service?
    I hate to make it Scheel’s problem because it’s not something they had a part in. MarCum needs to make this right and very soon. Brand new units leaving the factory in non-working condition is shameful, leaving customers without service is BS.

    Return it and buy an Aqua Vu, seriously.

    Joel W Taylor
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    I finally got an email from Marcum today (several actually) saying they were sending out parts. No comments or anything else about it so hopefully they send the correct parts and I can repair it myself. Now if I can get some resolution on my new Helix ice unit I can fish with a few less things to worry about.

    Walleyestudent Andy Cox
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    I keep buying Vexilar products because there customer service is awesome.

    I haven’t bought Vexilar in many years because the one’s I bought way back when still work great.

    I have no idea how good their customer service is because in the 25+ years I’ve owned I’ve never not once ever needed to contact them regarding problems, failures, or any sort of malfunction.

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    I wish there was more competition in the underwater camera market, but for now, the only compact unit with an HD camera and HD screen is the Marcum Pursuit HD. The new unit they sent me is working great so far, only hiccup has been the depth reading is not always accurate, otherwise it looks great. The only request I would have is more brightness for the screen, and the ability to adjust the brightness.
    MarCum sent me a customer service opinion survey, I will be critical but honest when I complete it. I hope they actually read it and adjust their company accordingly.

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    Marcum and Aqua Vu are the same importers now and they have zero ( service. They are a small storefront import company in Crosslake Mn. They hide behind the Covid excuse for their horrible service. Buy from someone else.

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