mendota pike

  • Eric Pomplun
    janesville, wisconsin
    Posts: 480

    well managed to get out today from 8 till 4 and boy was it a long and slow day. but the few fish we did catch were worth it. i got a 32 and a 24 and my buddy got a 38 inch tank it was at least a couple hours between each flag. at one point we went like 4 hours without a flag. only caught 3 pike and only a handful of shiner flags. it also an amazingly nice day on the ice. little wind and lots of sun warm temps perfect fishing conditions.

    John Schultz
    Portage, WI
    Posts: 3309

    Nice fish. Mendota can be a long slow endeavor, but does hold some quality pike.

    Jeff Bennett
    Lake Puckaway Wi.
    Posts: 1180

    Great pics. and report guys.

    From Jeff

    Ron Johnsen
    Platteville wi
    Posts: 2969

    Nice pike

    Jerry Hochhausen
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Posts: 275

    Nice fish netman. I went out on Mendota Sunday afternoon with a group of about 8 to 10 guys. We got a couple small pike but Saturday they got 15 with the biggest at about 40 inches. They all went back in the water to be caught another day.

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